The LAW-12 has a capacity of 8+1 with the included full-length tube mag. It has a Cylinder bore, alloy receiver, and a synthetic stock with built-in pistol grip — one of the features that make the tactical shotgun a target of importation bans.

This gun was imported in 1994. Pre-Ban Franchi LAW 12 made in Italy with all original parts, only about 8,700 of them were imported into the US before the 1994 AWB and most went to law enforcement. It's the semi-auto only version of the SPAS-12. It is one of the most awesome personal-defense weapon ever built, in part because it’s capable of firing four rounds of 2-3/4 inch 12-gauge shells per second. Its has a 22 inch barrel, equipted with a sccpe mount and the Sightmark Ultra Shot Z-Series Reflex Sight scope. It has been enhanced with a hydro-graphic process to give it that nice camoflage pattern. (Made by Augusta's Specialty Camoflage)


Excelent Condition


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